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Thursday , August 17 2017
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Prakash Jha Presents Jai Gangaajal

Jai Gangaajal is to immure all those mouths who were speaking about Priyanka Chopra’s accent when it came to Quantico. In Jai Gangaajal, with strong personality and incredible acting, Priyanka Chopra would definitely enchant the Bollywood.

Prakash Jha’s Gangaajal movie was released in 2003 starring by Ajay Devgan as a Cop. Now he is coming with his another movie – Jai Gangaajal, but Jai Gangaajal is not sequel of Gangaajal movie, as it is a fresh story and it is scheduled to release on March, 4 of the next year. Jai Gangaajal also casts Manav Kaul and Murli Sharma.

Trailer of the movie is revealed which shows Priyanka Chopra playing a role of state’s first Superintendent police officer – Abha Mathur. Jai Gangaajal is the story about how a woman in a police (Priyanka Chopra) force stands fearlessly to give the corrupt forces a handful, fights against antagonist and supports innocent people. You will see the film-maker Prakash Jha itself in the movie, playing a role of another police officer in negative role. I love the dialogues used in the trailer,

“Khakee ka rang sahi ho to, usse aurat pehne ya mard; tum jaiso ko chutki me aukaat dikha deti hai.”

“Masti se jeena hai to kabhi apna image banane hi mat do, bada mushkil hota hai dhona.”

Jai Gangaajal

Prakash Jha told that, “It can’t be a sequel. That was a film, which had a protagonist with a situation and was complete in itself. ‘Jai Gangaajal’ is a story of police-society relationship revisited. I’m telling the story of a policeman, who happens to be from today’s time. What happened with Ajay’s character years ago was completely different and what is happening with Priyanka’s character will be different. Today, when a female police officer is brought in, people think they will be able to manipulate her, but she turns out to be a tough nut to crack. So, conflicts and confrontations start happening.”

Priyanka Chopra said that, “I am playing a cop. It is a very special film, not because of the role. I am playing what Ajay Devgn played in the first part. It is just that the issue has changed. We are highlighting corruption, land mafia, farmer suicides and how people are forced to kill themselves. It is a great story. Prakash Jha is the best person to tell this – phenomenal story. He is very educated. Women cops are not taken seriously … It is a relevant film.”

There is not more information revealed about the movie, but as we all know Prakash Jha is expert in express phenomenal story, Jai Gangaajal would also be best one.

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