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Thursday , August 17 2017
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By Water Mist Cannon China is fighting with Air Pollution

As we all know China is facing problems of heavy air pollution because of largely CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. The situation got very bad in china because of air pollution, in recent weeks. Ranges of air should be between 50 to 100, and it can be considered as a good, range between 150 to 200 can be considered as unhealthy air. But some Chinese cities are having air ranges of 301, even sometimes Beijing’s air ranges reaches at 700, which is terrible. Because of such problems, Chinese government is under pressure to solve this major issue. Government promised to tackle such issues in coming years. ‘Mist Cannon‘ would solve your problem and it would remove dust particles from the Air.

‘Mist Cannon’ is a machine which can be used to remove dust in factories and building sites. Originally it was designed to reduce lung problems, but then it was started using to solve pollution problems by local governments. Mist Cannon uses smaller water particles and sprays it into the air, this particles combines with the harmful dust particles of the air and then falls down with that to the ground as rain. In such a way Mist Cannon controls pollution of the air. They can spray across an area 100 meters wide and 60 meters high.

From years dust control machines have been used by cement, steel, and coal mining companies which was found in 2011, is currently in Changsha. Guigang (city of china) ordered five machines to control dust and smog from the air. Other cities and authorities of Inner Mongolia have also placed orders for the Mist Cannons.

water mist cannonYou can measure air pollution of your area by pollution measurements which are : PM10 (particles 10 microns and below) and PM2.5 (2.5 microns and below). The main advantage of the ‘Mist Cannon’ is that it needs less electricity and less water. Generated water size from the ‘Mint Cannon’ is similar to the size of dust in the air. According to company, the two kinds of substances are mostly likely to combine to form a water drop.

Main disadvantage of the ‘Mist Cannon’ is that it cannot do anything about smaller particles which are most damaging to health. But it is very helpful machine for the country who faced more air pollution problems.

Executives at Hunan Jiujiu Mining Safety Equipment said, “Sales have jumped as pollution levels have risen, though they won’t confirm exact numbers. Based on reports from satisfied customers, the cannons can get around town without affecting traffic and don’t leave large amounts of water on the ground.”

If you want to remove zonal air pollution, the it would cost you $92,000, and if you want to clean your office campus then it would cost you approximately $12,000.

Changsha’s Yuhua district had used one of the machines on December 8. Zhong Zhihong, the district’s director of the environmental protection told that, “The multi-function dust control machines could work without gathering water on the road and won’t affect traffic. Yuhua district will use the machine more frequently during heavily polluted days.”

According to the company, because of China getting hit by staggering levels of pollution, sales ration of the company have jumped in recent months, although the executives of the company don’t want to declare how much selling ratio they noticed in recent months.

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