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Thursday , August 17 2017
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Point Break: An Action Thriller Movie with Extreme Stunts

Under Alcon Entertainment production Point Break is directed by Ericson Core and is one of the awaited movie of the Hollywood which casts Édgar Ramírez as Bodhi, Luke Bracey as Johnny Utah, Ray Winstone as Angelo Pappas, Teresa Palmer as Samsara Dietz, and Nikolai Kinski as Pascal Al Fariq. In USA it was landed in theaters on December 25, 2015, and in china on 4th December. You can see that movie in 3D or in RealID 3D. RealID 3D is technology which uses circularly polarized light and produces stereoscopic image projection on big screen. The screenplay is written by Kurt Wimmer.

Point Break 2015 is remake of Point Break 1991 which was directed by Kathryn Bigelow. It was made in the budget of $24 million, and Point Break 2015 is made with $105 million production cost and released across 3700 screens.

What Trailer says:

The official trailer of Point Break was launched on 26 May, 2015. The trailer says,

There are some who do not fear death

For they are more afraid of not really living.

Point Break is based on the story of thrill-seeking criminals who perform a series of daredevil stunts to steal money and gems. Johnny Utah is F.B.I. (Federal Bureau of Investigation) agent who can do anything to catch criminal. Criminals distributes stolen money in the poor and less fortunate. Bodhi and company rob the rich commit death-defying acts around the world. Shooting of the movie is done in more than 11 countries such as Switzerland, Carinthia – Austria, Hawaii – USA, Italy, Austria, Tahiti – French Polynesia and Berlin – Germany. To shoot some scenes film makes has used Drones.

Mr. Core said in his interview that, “When I first heard about a new ‘Point Break’ I was negative too. It just didn’t seem like a good idea. But as we got into it, it became not a remake but ‘what if you took the themes and ideologies of the original characters and put them in the world of 25 years later?’ That turns out to be a very different film. The particular things we were going after were so difficult that only a handful of the top of elite athletes could do them.”


Stunts in the movie are done in total three categories: Wingsuit Flying, Surfing and Snowboarding. Stunts used in this movie were not at all easy, they were dangerous and the stunt makers are excellent in the movie, i must say. All these three stunts are incredible.

Wingsuit Flying

Wingsuit Flying is unbelievable and dangerous stunt in which the pilots jumps from the cliff of Switzerland and soar through a narrow riffle. Mr. Core said that on the screen one would think that the scene is done through effects, but actually all these scenes are done in camera. He took help of Jeb Corliss, a professional sky driver to coordinate the scene. To shoot the scene Mr. Core needed three people and one pilot, all were doing well at the speed of 100 miles per hour.


Surfing was central attraction of Point Break – 1991 and that is why filmmaker wanted to add Surfing in the remake of Point Break but not at the same level. They wanted to shoot the same at higher level. Laird Hamilton has played role in the movie who is big-wave surfer.

Mr. Core said that, “We were looking all over the world to try to find out where those waves were going to hit and when. We had to get crew ready for a break that may or may not even hit Hawaii.” Just imagine, how good the scene would be as there were total nine camera used to shoot the scene, some were in water, some on helicopter and some were on cliffs, that’s amazing.


Shooting of Snowboarding is done in Italian Alps. Xavier de Le Rue and Jeremy Jones has contributed their skills premier big-mountain snowboarders to shoot the scene. Mr. Core said that, “At some point, I had to give Xavier the camera and he had to shoot other people. He’s that much of an animal that he could carry a 15-pound camera while going down these vertical faces.”

Louie Vito, the Olympic snowboarder said that, “I’ve seen a Hollywood snowboard movie where they’re showing the same, quote-unquote, trick, but it’s two different rotations. It’s a lot of little things like that we notice that can make a movie a lot more corny. But this, having the guys they had do the stunts and the riding, it stays way more true to it.”

Another attractions of the movie includes dizzying rock-climbing at Angel Falls in Venezuela, and sky-diving grab for a giant brick of cash.

Luke Bracey said that,

“To me the biggest approval is when the real athletes say we got it right. I felt that helped distinguish this movie from the original, but the bones and the inherent drive are the same. Of course it’s a challenge to make a new Point Break. But that’s the spirit of Point Break — it’s taking an obstacle in front of you and seeing if you can overcome it.”

Corliss said. that, “I’ve been on a lot of sets where they say they’re going to do a big stunt and then you get to the day and they’re too scared and say ‘we don’t have insurance’ or whatever it is. And these guys never did that.”

Point Break is something about stunts, action, and fun. Well, this stunning action thriller movie is landing in the theaters on this Christmas, so you can celebrate this Christmas vacation with Mr. Core’s this incredible movie.

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