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Thursday , August 17 2017
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Today’s most buzzed talk across the world – It has also got the name asFacebook Free Basic”. But the question in many people’s mind is what is this or Facebook Free Basic? Well!! We have got every answer for your questions as we move ahead.

The Launch of Facebook led to the development of or Facebook Free Basic project. Facebook Free Basics is the Facebook – Led project. Free Basics makes the internet accessible to more people by providing them access to a range of free basics services. It is the partnership between government, local entrepreneurs, mobile operators and companies like Facebook. Everyone is welcomed to join here. There is no such company kept in the exclusion list.

This project is to bring the next five billion people without internet access online. Also creating any service integrating with free basics has been made easy with the help of Free Basics Platform. This platform is particularly been made to work with organizations focused on education, health, economic empowerment, civic participation and critical information. Also there is no need for any company to pay to be a part of the project. Also there no operator is paid to offer any services. Facebook even does not show adds in the


The main goal behind the development of or Facebook Free Basics is to help everyone to get connect to the world. This project aims at providing free basic services starting with health, education, jobs and communication, services like Wikipedia, Job listings, HIV education and maternal health resources.

This project aims to extend the free internet services to developing world by offering them only a selection of certain apps and websites that have partnership with Facebook. The main goal is to provide the internet access to 2/3rd  of world’s population that currently we don’t have.


This is the project to connect every single person on the planet to internet. For this every person will have a mobile with a free app in it. This app will allow you to access the internet for free. The Facebook will act as an internet provider or the gateway that will provide the users with internet.

But though in our planet we have a mammoth problem where many places cannot be provided with wires and cables and all those infrastructures needed. Well!! For that we have jumbo sized Drones of the size of the plane that would be suspected from 65,000 ft above the sea level. Engineering department are working to make this drones working in next 3-5 years.


There are many reasons that shows that Facebook Free Basics are really needed or not? If a person has slow access to video just because its mobile operator demanding more fees is not viable. If any common person gets free internet that helps him and his family that he even could not afford is really a good thing. Or a student using Wikipedia for free that helps in his study is a great thing.

Today 2/3rd people has no connection for internet. Researches has shown that for every billion people that gets access to internet, more then 100 are lifted out of poverty. More then 4 billion people are need to be connected and if we connect them then we can move hundreds and millions of people put of poverty.

Well, this were actually the needs. But apart from this its not sustainable to provide the whole internet for free. It costs lots of billions of dollars every year to run the internet and no operator could afford to pay this every year. But it can be made sustainable to build free basic services that is much simpler and that can offer atleast the basic needs to the people.

Facebook’s free services “” has taken a really big step by expanding free internet into India and Indonesia. Infact the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi had made interactions with Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook about the better connectivity. Mark Zuckerberg has also reached out to many stakeholders  into the company to explain the concept of Facebook Free Basics.

This project also has a good support for the Net Neutrality. However, a group of Indian Technology companies are opposing this idea claiming that facebook’s is threatening to “Net Neutrality.” The founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg has also said

If someone cant afford to pay for connectivity, it is always better to have some access rather then none at all.


The vision of this project is to give people access to more and more free services overtime. Every person should be able to afford free services. People should have a choice over what services and what mobile operators to use.

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